Customs declaration processes

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Customs services represent complete representation of companies in customs proceedings on the basis of concluded contracts.
In the customs procedure, we represent you responsibly, quickly and professionally so that all your customs requirements, export and import documents, reporting obligations, the correct inclusion of goods in the Intarstat Harmonized System and many other requirements are done quickly and efficiently.


Issuance of export EX1 in electronic form ECKV

Issue to CMR, CIM, SMGS

Issue to EUR1, T2L, ATR

NCTS- T1, T2

NCTS- Karnet TIR

Mediation of EORI allocation (in the form of an application)


Dovoz z tretích krajín

Issuance of import documents in electronic form ECKD and all related documents

Advice on customs and import regulations

Customs warehousing, inward processing, outward processing, temporary admission, arrangements 42 00

Termination of T1 TRANZIT mode in NCTS

Completion of the various necessary import applications and declarations

Securing of customs debt for all regimes


Statistical surveys within the Slovak Republic, which make it possible to collect and process for further use data on trade in goods between EU Member States. Intrastat of C&T, a.s. represents the same complex processing and submission of reports to the relevant customs offices for reporting units in electronic form.

Instrastat services

Adoption (import) – complete

Dispatch (export) – complete

Zero report, correction report, II., III. report – for receipt and dispatch

Arranging the assignment of an EORI

Branches of customs declaration


customs declaration


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